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Environmental Impact 


   Turbine Solutions

The small scale hydro-electric developments are all about reducing carbon emissions caused by burning oil, gas and other fossil fuels.

But any intervention in nature has some impact – however small.

Initial discussions with the Environment Agency and local environment and civic organisations have proved fruitful and the project has been design to protect nature and the local environment.

The 6 metre long turbine will be inserted carefully into one side of the weir and covered to protect people and wildlife.


The generation box will be just 3 metres square, constructed in the local style with local materials. Project partners include Greenspaces Sooth Cheshire, dedicated to improving the Weaver Valley for wildlife and people, and South Cheshire Friends of the Earth.

In addition there will be a virtuous environmental feedback with green energy providing a stream of funding for future environmental and greenspace enhancements in and around the town.

See the panels below to learn more about the Weaver Valley environment.

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Enjoying The River 

Historical context of the Mill and its impact.


Wildlife On The River

A rich habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna 


The River Weaver

The journey from the spring to the sea 


The Garden Room At The Dowery, Barker Street, Nantwich, Cheshire,