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Proven Technology
Harnessing The Power Of Nature 

The Nantwich Mill Hydro scheme is all about tapping into the power of nature, generating funds for local action, while helping tackle the massive international challenge of cutting climate changing carbon emissions.

It’s all about thinking globally and acting locally.

A comprehensive feasibility study by the UK’s leading independent hydro-electric experts Derwent Hydro has shown that this is not just technically feasible, but will be great opportunity to invest in the future of the town. To see the study click here.

The project will take the path of least resistance, and focus on extraction energy from the weir at the top of the ancient Mill Race, rather than the historic Mill Race. This way we get maximum power for minimum disturbance.

It will use the tried and tested technology of a 6 meter long Archimedes Screw with water flows and power generation controlled automatically.

There are a host of other projects already up and running across the UK – demonstrating that small scale local hydro generation is not just viable and practical, but a vital part of the nation’s future energy mix.

Hydro-Electric Technology


Turbine Key Elements


Archimedes Screw Diagram


Proposed Location



The Garden Room At The Dowery, Barker Street, Nantwich, Cheshire,